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10 Scary pranks guaranteed to make you scream… laughing (VIDEOS)

1. Chucky’s Backkkkk

As if Chucky wasn’t already the scariest character on screen, the evil red-haired doll is much, much worse when he comes to life. Just ask these poor people who were waiting at the bus stop… a few seconds after the lights flicker and an ungodly cackle is heard, Chucky breaks through this ‘movie poster’ and chases his unsuspecting victims wielding knife and all. We screamed. We laughed (out of fear). We peed our pants a little.

2. The crazy chick from The Ring

Imagine going for a walk on a nice night out and coming across the crazy chick on The Ring. You know which crazy chick I’m talking about – the one that climbs out the television with her creepy hair and pale skin. No, we never knew that hair could be creepy either, until we saw her. This great prank brings her character to life and the reaction on the streets is hilarious!

3. Clowns are supposed to make you laugh… why are we crying?

So funny story while writing this article: I paused the video to answer a phone call and completely didn’t realize what was on the screen. Was on the phone with a friend when I looked over and seriously yelled the f**k out loud. You don’t even have to watch the video to be scared of this make up wearing joker, but you should. It’s worth every beat your heart skips.

4. Why do people walk deeper into the scary house?

I never understood it. If the lights start flickering or windows start rattling you calmly get up, dial 911, and then run out the house like you promised President Obama you would win the 100 meter dash at the Olympics. This video is of a “friend” – and I use this term loosely – fooling this kid, who seriously walked into the scary area to figure out what was going on. He then sees… ok, I’m not going to ruin it for you. His reaction is definitely worth a watch though.

5. Aren’t rocking chairs supposed to represent loving mothers and newborn babies?

When the hell did rocking chairs move over from happy moms and babies to things you find in haunted houses? This one’s not that shocking… or is it, and I’m just saying that to trick you? They always do come up when you least expect it.

6. This is what happens when you go looking for women in the middle of the night

And no, it’s not the good thing that happens when you go looking for women in the middle of the night. Instead, it’s a dead zombie woman who’s trying to eat you… literally. With all the zombie-mania that’s out there these days, this video becomes scary because it makes you feel like it could totally happen. Like you’ll just be going to your car in a deserted parking lot one day, and BHAM, zombie!

7. As if one wasn’t bad enough

If The Shining terrifies you, then don’t watch this video. The twins are back in this awfully scary prank video. I swear, if I came across these girls, either they or I are ending up in the emergency room. I have no shame – it’ll probably be me.

8. She doesn’t even need the make-up. If she can bend like that, we’re running for our life…

Hmm-hm. No. Hell no. The only time a woman should be bent that way is in a strip club. I’m not planning on throwing dollar bills at this woman; I’m about to throw a bat to her face. And all the people she tortured in this prank video probably agree with me.

9. This is some Inception-type mess

Imagine a prank where YOU are the ghost. This is effing hilarious. These women don’t know what the hell to do when they go to the ladies washroom and can’t see themselves in the mirror. What would you do? Check out the video – it’s all laughs!

10. This is why I don’t go in elevators alone anymore

If I’m getting on an elevator, someone is getting on the elevator with me. I’m not dying alone, no thank you. This scary prank is funny but it hits too close to home because after you watch it, I guarantee that you will think of it every. single. time. you get on an elevator. Imagine that you’re just chilling on your way up or down, humming along to the instrumental version of ‘Move B****, Get Out The Way’, when it goes dark, and this frightening… I’m not going to ruin it and tell you who or what shows up. Check it out for yourself.

What do you think?

Written by Krazy Pranks


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