10 Top Pranks for School

School is always a great place where you can learn new things and meet new friends. It’s also a great place you can play a prank on your unsuspecting classmates and teachers. Of course.. there’s always the risk for getting caught and be suspended. But with pranks like these, they’re worth a shot! Well hey, don’t say we didn’t warn you!

1. Computer Class Prank


Your classmate will spend so much time wondering what happened to his mouse and why it won’t work anymore. This meme cutout doesn’t help either.

2. “Kick Me”


This one’s a classic! Just make sure that your classmate won’t suspect you’re the one who taped this note behind his back. Otherwise, you might be the one who’ll get kicked.

3. Free Doughnuts, Anyone?


Buy a box of glazed doughnuts and fill the middle with mayonnaise! We bet your friends will have trust issues after you give out these free doughnuts but hey, they’re free doughnuts!

4. Hallway Maze

Carefully and strategically place plastic cups with water inside them on your school hallway. You’ll have a laugh seeing everyone try their best not to spill the cups over. This will get you in lots of trouble with the school janitor though or maybe even your school principal!

5. School Gym Cups

Or you could take it to a whole different level and spread the cups across your school gym just like what the class of 2012 did in theirs!

6. No Tissue, Use Duct Tape Instead

This one is pure evil but it’s one prank you can do without getting caught. Replace toilet paper in one of your bathroom stalls with duct tape. I wouldn’t want to be the next guy who comes in!

7. Toilet Seat Up Surprise

Or you can do this one instead? It’ll be lots of fun!

8. Sideways Desks


If you want to play a prank on your teacher, you and some classmates can come in extra early and do this to your tables. Warning: you should only do this to a teacher who’s cool with pranks.

9. Sideways with Students


Or you can opt to do this and connive with the rest of the students in your class. You can all come in early and wait for your teacher like this.

10. Prank Your Teacher

Just like what these Korean students did when their teacher wasn’t looking. Hey, it’s good exercise too!

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