21 Pranks to Welcome the New Guy at Your Office

Have you ever wanted to play a prank on your new colleague as a way of welcoming him/her to the office? Here are some ideas that would totally be amazing!

  1. Make him feel welcome


This is a great welcome surprise if it’s your colleague’s first day in the office. You can connive with the HR department and have them send over copies of the new guy’s photo and you can do your magic.

  1. Give a free treat: Caramel Apples


Sure, he’ll have some trust issues later on but this would be worth a few laughs. Don’t you think?

Or free doughnuts


  1. Treat him to some Jello

This prank is inspired by TV series, The Office, and even includes a guide on how you can put your colleague’s office supplies inside Jello.

  1. Upgrade the technology on his desk


If he has a good humor, he’ll thank you for helping him concentrate on his work!

  1. Or make sure everything doesn’t gather dust over the weekend


This is definitely a good way you can keep dust away from his computer.

  1. Don’t forget to greet him CongRATulations for getting the job


Make sure you colleague isn’t terrified of these furry friends though.

  1. Show him how your office celebrates birthdays


Well, even if it isn’t his birthday, this is still a great prank to pull!

  1. Teach him the alphabet (again)

Unless he has memorized the positioning of the keys on a keyboard, this’ll be fun to try. Sure, this will take some time but it’s definitely worth it!

  1. Make him know Ryan Gosling is watching over his desk

Or you can use any other celebrity

Like David Hasselhoff


Or even Justin Bieber


  1. You can even give his desk a makeover by changing the photos on his desk into yours

Or maybe his cat


  1. Let him know you can do magic

Here’s a good technique on how you can make an entire office disappear.

  1. Teach him the importance of bathing daily


  1. Share your stash of Twinkies


Or any other treat you love

  1. Remind¬†him that sometimes, it’s good to go on a vacation


This will really be a big help for him so he is reminded not to overwork!

  1. Give him a tour, particularly of your updated toaster in the pantry


  1. Leave him a surprise


When he steps out for lunch, you can leave behind a surprise at his desk.

  1. Teach him the value of being environment-friendly

funny-aprils-fool-office-pranks-1 funny-aprils-fool-office-pranks-2

Just make sure you’re using a dummy keyboard instead of an actual one.

  1. Help him stay updated with the latest news


Bonus points if the newspaper you use are recent!

  1. Help him get his daily exercise


Just make sure he won’t be too scared with this.

  1. And if he wants to take a break, help him out

rubberbandphone (1)

This will definitely help him relax during a busy day.

What do you think?

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